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About Us

Ethereum Price
162.80 USD
Ethereum Price
147.88 EUR
24H Volume
27,875.78 ETH
Active Traders
16,183,392,704 EUR

Revolution Global Technology Limited

About our company
Revolution Global Technology Limited is a company with many years of experiences in the field of technology and investment. We deeply focus on developing technological strengths, spearheading the blockchain and financial solution.
Company’s nature of business (SIC)

  • 62030 – Computer facilities management activities
  • 66110 – Administration of financial markets
  • 66300 – Fund management activities

We bring practical solutions from blockchain technology to apply to live through the specific products in our ecosystem.

The Revolution Of Crypto's Wallet

RVG Token Wallet

RVG Token Wallet is a revolution among cryptocurrency wallets. This wallet allows you to earn profits just by storing coins inside. The main idea behind the RVG Token Wallet is to reinvent the saving money system by utilizing modern technological advances and generate a passive income stream. RVG Token Wallet is your new wallet for cryptocurrencies with zero transaction fees. The wallet is based on a multi-cluster blockchain system architecture to ensure complete security and transparency of transactions


Our About Important Descriptions

RVG Token

RVG is an ERC20 standard cryptocurrency token. The total amount of tokens issued is 500,000,000, with a price tag starting at $0.2. RVG price can be regulated by supply and demand of market principles fairly. Every 5 months, 10% of RVG token will be burnt out and it is not a subject for restoration. Therefore, the RVG token price will grow up quickly as we launch ecosystem products.


Our About Important Descriptions

RVG Trading Machine

RVG Wallet is funded by the money earned from our<br /> RVG Trading Machine. It's an AI robot that delivers profitable arbitrage deals by scanning stock exchange data and commencing trades (Buying lower price assets at the A exchange, then selling assets for a higher price at the B exchange). The robot is built upon a wide neural network and capable of learning and self-improving. Daily returns depend on current volatility at markets, with average at 3-5% profits. However, this number is median numbers which tend to change depending on market volatility.

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Fast Transaction

Between the exchange markets
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Coin Exchange

To make a stable profit daily
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24/7 Trading

with AI trading machine

Crypto Live Exchange Rates

ETH Ethereum
USD 163
EUR 148
GGP 43
LTC Litecoin
USD 55
EUR 49
GGP 15
BTC Bitcoin
USD 8,455
EUR 7,673
GGP 2,252
XRP Ripple

Our Team

Our board of director has many years of experience in the R&D, blockchain technology, and crypto market

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